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1. Stainless Steel Tubular Pipe Construction:

  • Built to withstand frequent use and resist corrosion, the stainless steel framework ensures longevity and hygiene.


2. Heavy Polypropylene Base:

  • The stand is securely mounted on a heavy polypropylene base, providing stability and preventing tipping during use.


3. 5cm Castors:

  • Equipped with smooth-rolling castors, this basin stand offers effortless mobility, allowing for easy relocation as needed.


4. Single or Double Basin Options:

  • Choose between a single or double basin configuration, catering to your specific requirements.


5. S.S. Basin:

  • The basin(s) included in the stand are made of high-grade stainless steel, featuring a 35 cm diameter for ample washing space.


6. Epoxy Coated Mild Steel Framework Option:

  • For those preferring an alternative to stainless steel, the basin stand is also available with an epoxy coated mild steel framework, maintaining durability with a sleek finish.

AMPL-3009 Wash Basin Stand (Single/ Double)

  • AMPL-3009 Wash Basin Stand, designed to elevate your hygiene standards with its sturdy construction and convenient features. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel tubular pipes.

    •  Stainless steel tubular pipe construction
    • Mounted on heavy polypropylene base with 5cm castors
    •  One / Two S.S. basin of 35 cm dia. each
    •  Also available in epoxy coated mild steel framework
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