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1. 1.3" LED Display - User-Friendly Brilliance:

  • Experience simplicity at your fingertips with a clear 1.3" LED display, making vein visualization effortless for users of all expertise levels.


2. Lightweight and Portable Design - Where Precision Meets Mobility:

  • Weighing just 350g, the VD-80 offers unparalleled portability, ensuring precise vascular mapping anywhere, anytime.


3. Versatile Image Size Selection - Adaptable for All Ages:

  • Tailor your experience with 3 selectable image sizes, catering to the needs of adults, pediatric patients, and neonates.


4. Multiple Display Modes - Customized Visualization:

  • Choose from 3 display modes - basic, inverse, and enhance - meeting diverse requests for an optimal vasculature map.


5. Vibrant Color Display Options - A Palette for Every Preference:

  • With 10 color display options, the VD-80 is designed to accommodate different user preferences, ensuring a personalized and effective user experience.


6. Optional Freehand Solutions - Tailored Mobility:

  • Select the optimal solution with two optional freehand modes - a mobile stand for flexibility or a fixed support for stability.


7. Electrical Safety - Reliability at Every Step:

  • VD-80 is classified as Class 1 BF Equipment, ensuring electrical safety and reliability in every use.


8. Universal Patient Compatibility - Precision for All Skin Types:

  • Embrace seamless visualization on patients of all types - from the obese to the bloated, elderly, and infants - with precision that transcends skin variations.

VD-80 Vein Viewer

  • Enhance your medical practice with the Vein Viewer VD-80, where cutting-edge technology meets user-friendly design. Elevate your vascular visualization experience - order now for a new dimension in precision and mobility!

    • 3 types of display mode, basic, inverse and enhance.
    • 10 kinds of color display, design according to different user preference.
    • 2 kinds of freehand solution is optional, mobile stand and fixed support.
    • Electrical Safety: Class 1 BF Equipment
    • All type of Patient: Obese, Bloated Patient, Elder Patient , Infant with all type of skin
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