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1. 10.2" Color LED Touch Screen:

  • Navigate seamlessly through your ECG data with a vibrant 10.2" color LED touch screen display, ensuring user-friendly and intuitive operation.


2. Modern, Lightweight, and Compact Design:

  • Stay ahead with a modern, lightweight, and compact ECG-12 S design, blending innovation with portability for efficient and convenient cardiac monitoring.


3. Extensive Report Storage:

  • Store over 500 ECG reports effortlessly in the machine's built-in flash memory, allowing for comprehensive data tracking and easy access to historical records


4. Customizable Printing Thickness:

  • Tailor your ECG reports with the ECG-12 S's 7-level printing thickness options, ensuring clarity and precision in your printed documentation.


5. Versatile Data Storage Options:

  • Utilize USB flash disks and SD memory for seamless report storage, retrieval, and analysis on your PC via dedicated ECG software, enhancing flexibility in data management.


6. Robust Communication Interfaces:

  • Connect effortlessly with standard USB interfaces, facilitating smooth data transfer and communication between the ECG-12 S and other devices for enhanced accessibility.


7. Historical Data & Patient Information Management:

  • Receive and print historical data and patient information, streamlining your workflow and ensuring comprehensive documentation for informed decision-making.

ECG-12 S Twelve Channel ECG Machine

  • Invest in the ECG-12 S Twelve Channel ECG Machine for a cutting-edge cardiac monitoring experience. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, this machine is your reliable partner in ensuring precise and efficient cardiac care. Order yours today and elevate your medical practice to new heights!

  • • 10.2" inch color LED touch screen display
    • Modern in design, light in weight, compact in design
    •The machine can store over 500 ECG reports in its built in flash
    • 7 level printing thickness can be chosen
    • Support USB flash disk and SD memory stored reports can be saved, opened, analyzed in PC via ECG software
    • Standard RS 232 and USB communication interface
    • Historical data & patient's information can be received and printed

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