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1. 10.4-inch Color LED Touch Screen with Alphanumeric Keys:

  • Navigate effortlessly with a 10.4-inch color LED touch screen and alphanumeric keys for seamless operation.


2. Versatile Operating Modes & Extensive Storage:

  • Capture and analyze ECG data with auto, manual, and rhythm operating modes also store up to 2000 ECG sets for comprehensive data access and historical tracking.


3. Integrated Commenting and Connectivity:

  • Streamline workflow with commenting support for HIS, EMR, PACS, and easy ECG report sharing via email.


4. Thermal Z-Fold Paper Compatibility:

  • Utilize 216 mm or 210 mm thermal Z-fold paper for clear and concise ECG report printing.


5. Enhanced Diagnostics and Connectivity:

  • Improve diagnostic capabilities with double-role pacemaker detection. Connect seamlessly with standard RS 232 and USB interfaces for efficient data transfer and communication.


6. High-Resolution Digital Sampling and Long-lasting Performance:

  • Capture detailed data with a 32000 HZ digital sampling rate and 24-bit AID conversion. Operate continuously for over 8 hours, ensuring reliability during extended monitoring sessions.

ECG-12 PLUS Twelve Channel ECG Machine

  • Invest in the ECG-12 PLUS Twelve Channel ECG Machine for unparalleled cardiac monitoring. Its advanced capabilities, user-friendly interface, and extensive connectivity options redefine the standard in ECG technology. Order today to enhance your medical practice with cutting-edge cardiac care solutions!

  • • 10.4-inch color LED touch screen display with hard alphanumeric keys
    • Operating modes are auto, manual, and rhythm.
    • The machine can store 2000 ECG sets.
    • Support commenting with HIS, EMR, PACS, and other hospital information systems without a PC workstation & sending the ECG report by email.
    • Use thermal Z-fold paper of 216 mm or 210 mm in width.
    • Support double-role pacemaker detection.
    • Digital sampling rate: 32000 HZ
    • AID conversion : 24 bits
    • Working continuously for more than 8 hours
    • Weight is almost 3.7 kg.

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