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1. Non-contact Measurement:

Infrared technology ensures temperature measurement without touching,  mnimizing cross-infection risks. Measurement distance ranges from 1 to 5 Cm.

2. Instant Precision:

Advanced infrared technology and high precision sensor provide accurate readings in just 1 second, with temperature measurement accuracy within ±0.4℉.


3. Intelligent Alerts & Silent Mode :

Large LCD backlight displays temperature with 3 color indicators and warns of abnormal readings with sound alerts. Silent mode allows clear readings in darkness without disturbing sleep.


4. Versatile Modes:

Measures body temperature, object, or liquid temperatures, suitable for all ages. Switch between ℃ and ℉ modes easily. 


5. Rapid & Patient-Friendly:

Forehead readings are acquired within 0.5 seconds, ensuring minimal disruption during rest. 

TH-C11 Infrared Thermometer

  • TH-C11 Infrared Thermometer delivers rapid, non-contact readings in 1 second, ensuring precision within ±0.4℉. Versatile and user-friendly, it's ideal for body, object, or liquid temperatures.

    • Non-contact: Infrared, 1-5 cm.
    • Instant: 1 sec, ±0.4℉ accuracy.
    • Alerts: LCD, 3-color, sound, silent.
    • Versatile: Body, object, or liquid temps.
    • Rapid: Forehead readings in 0.5 sec.
    • Power Supply:- DC3V(2*AAA Cell)
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