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1. Robust Construction:

  • Tubular CRCA/M.S. powder-coated framework mounted on PVC stumps ensures durability and stability.


2. Adjustable Backrest:

  • Backrest section is easily adjustable using a ratchet mechanism, ensuring optimal patient positioning.


3. Space-Saving Design:

  • Leg-end section can slide under the middle section of the table, optimizing space in the medical setting.


4. Flexible Positions:

  • Trendelenburg position achieved through a gas spring mechanism at the back end, providing versatility in patient care.


5. Safety First:

  • S.S. safety railing provided on three sides enhances patient safety during procedures.


6. Comfortable Support:

  • Supplied with a pair of height-adjustable foam-padded knee crutches for added patient comfort.


7. Hygienic Solution:

  • Equipped with a waste-collecting S.S. basin for efficient waste management.

AMPL-9003 Telescopic Laboure Table

  • AMPL-9003 Telescopic Labour Table is designed to meet the demanding needs of modern healthcare settings, providing comfort, flexibility, and ease of use for both medical professionals and expectant mothers.

    • Sturdy frame: CRCA/M.S., powder-coated on PVC
    • Three-section heavy S.S. top
    • Adjustable backrest, sliding leg-end
    • Trendelenburg with gas spring
    • S.S. safety railing on 3 sides
    • Height-adjustable knee crutches
    • Waste collecting S.S. basin
    • Size: 180L x 68W x 75H cm
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