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1. Universal Syringe Compatibility:

  • Open system accepts standard syringes (5ml, 10ml, 20ml/30ml, 50ml/60ml) and supports three renowned brands: Dispovan, Romsons, BD.

2. Intuitive Large Display:

  • Navigate seamlessly with a 3.5-inch COLOR LED display for clear visibility and easy operation.

3. Safety Features:

  • Benefit from KVO/Bolus function, an anti-bolus system, and three levels of Occlusion Pressure Alarm, ensuring safe and controlled infusions.

4. Versatile Work Modes:

  • Choose from Rate Mode, Time Mode, and Dose Mode to suit diverse infusion requirements.

5. Automatic Syringe Recognition:

  • Identify syringe specifications automatically, streamlining the setup process.

6. Comprehensive Alarm System:

  • Stay informed with audible and visual alarms for various conditions, including occlusion, low battery, and infusion completion.

7. Stackable Design:

  • Freely stack multiple syringe pumps for a flexible and scalable solution.

8. Power Lost Memory:

  • Resume operations seamlessly with the power lost memory feature.

9. Reliable Operation and Accuracy:

  • Experience excellent injection operation with an accurate and sensitive pressure sensor, ensuring precision even with small-volume injections.

10. Extended Battery Life:

  • Enjoy 6-8 hours of continuous operation with the internal Li-Battery.

AC-100 S Syringe Pump

  • AC-100 S Syringe Pump is designed to make the injection process safer, reliable, and tailored to meet the demands of modern healthcare. Invest in advanced infusion technology for enhanced patient outcomes.

    • Universal compatibility (5ml, 10ml, 20ml/30ml, 50ml/60ml).
    • Supports Dispovan, Romsons, BD syringes.
    • 3.5-inch COLOR LED display.
    • KVO/Bolus, Anti-bolus, 3 Occlusion Pressure Alarms.
    • Versatile modes: Rate, Time, Dose.
    • Automatic syringe recognition.
    • Audible and visual alarms.
    • Freely stackable design.
    • Power lost memory.
    • 6-8 hours continuous operation (Internal Li-Battery).
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