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1. Robust Construction:

  • AMPL-5008 boasts a sturdy build, featuring three/four epoxy-coated CRCA tubular legs that provide exceptional stability. These legs are equipped with PVC stumps for added grip and floor protection, ensuring a secure seating experience.


2. Supportive Design:

  • Designed for prolonged use, this stool includes a mild steel foot ring support that promotes proper posture and reduces strain during extended sitting sessions.


3. Stainless Steel Top:

  • Stool features a durable stainless steel top with a diameter of 30cm, providing a sleek and easy-to-clean surface.


4. Adjustable Height:

  • Enjoy customizable comfort with the adjustable height feature, allowing you to tailor the stool to your preferred seating position.

AMPL-5008 Revolving Stool

  • AMPL-5008 Revolving Stool, a versatile seating solution crafted with precision and durability in mind, this stool combines quality materials with thoughtful design features to enhance your seating experience.

    • Three / Four Epoxy coated CRCA tubular legs fitted with PVC Stumps
    •  Mild Steel Foot Ring support
    •  Stainless Steel top of dia. 30cm
    •  Adjustable height through screw system from 18” to 27”
    •  Also available in full SS framework
    • Optional – Cushioned top
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