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1. Sturdy Construction:

  • Framework of this bed is constructed using high-quality M.S. tubes, ensuring robustness and durability, capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use in healthcare environments.


2. Enhanced Safety:

  • The bed features two individual detachable collapsible side-rails, providing added security and preventing accidental falls while allowing easy access to the patient when needed.


3. Adjustable Design:

  • With a smooth crank system and foldable handle, caregivers can effortlessly adjust the backrest elevation and knee rest elevation to ensure optimal positioning for patient comfort and medical care.


4. Versatile Functionality:

  • Equipped with four locations for I.V. rod placement, this bed offers convenience for medical procedures and treatments, facilitating efficient patient care.


5. Premium Finish:

  • The bed is pre-treated and epoxy powder coated, offering superior protection against corrosion and ensuring a clean and hygienic surface for patient use.

Pediatric Fowler Bed

  • Pediatric Fowler Bed, engineered to provide comfort, safety, and versatility for pediatric patients. Crafted with precision and care, this bed offers a superior solution for healthcare facilities.

    •  Laminated Head and Foot Panel
    •  Frameworkmade up of M.S. tubes
    •  Four section topmade up of oval perforated CRCA M.S. sheet
    •  Two pieces individual detachable collapsible side-rails
    •  Bedmounted on PVC Stumps
    •  Four location for I.V.Rod
    •  Finish: Pre-treated &Epoxy Powder Coated
    •  Overall approx. size: 2000L x 900W x 600Hmm
    •  Positions obtained by Smooth Crank Systemwith foldable handle:
    •  Backrest elevation
    •  Knee rest elevation FCOptional
    •  4 Section Mattress
    •  S.S. Telescopic I.V Rod
    •  Four pieces individual side rails, ABS moulded
    •  S.S. Head & Foot Panels
    •  Full length S.S. Side Rails
    •  Castor 10mm
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