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1. Tubular Head and Foot Bows:

  • Designed with tubular head and foot bows of unequal height, supported by vertical tube support, this bed offers stability and structural integrity, providing a secure resting place for pediatric patients.


2. Sturdy Construction:

  • The framework of the bed is constructed using high-quality M.S. tubes, ensuring durability and reliability even under constant use.


3. Oval Perforated CRCA M.S. Sheet:

  • The top surface of the bed is crafted from oval perforated CRCA M.S. sheet, offering breathability and comfort for patients while maintaining hygiene standards.


4. PVC Stump Legs:

  • Each leg of the bed is fitted with PVC stumps, providing stability on various surfaces and preventing slippage.


5. Multiple IV Rod Locations:

  • Equipped with four locations for IV rod placement, this bed offers flexibility in accommodating medical accessories and treatments.


6. Full-Length Drop Side Rails:

  • Both sides of the bed are equipped with full-length drop side rails, enhancing patient safety and providing ease of access for caregivers.


7. Pre-treated & Epoxy Powder Coated Finish:

  • The bed undergoes a pre-treatment process followed by epoxy powder coating, ensuring resistance against corrosion and wear, while also offering a sleek and professional appearance.

AMPL-1012 Pediatric Bed

  • AMPL-1012 Pediatric Bed, meticulously engineered to provide comfort, safety, and convenience for pediatric patients. Crafted with precision and care.

    • Tubular Head and Foot Bows of unequal height with vertical tube support
    •  Frameworkmade up of M.S. tubes
    •  Top made up of oval perforated CRCA M.S. sheet
    •  Legs fitted with PVC stumps
    •  Four location for I.V.Rod
    •  Full length drop side rails on both sides
    • Finish: Pre-treated &Epoxy Powder Coated
    •  Overall approx. size: 1460L x 830W x 600Hmm
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