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1. Disposable and Hygienic Design:

  • Innovative disposable blanket with a lasting bacteria-proof filter to prevent cross-infections, ensuring a hygienic warming experience.

2. Versatile and Comfortable Usage:

  • Soft and collapsible design with even air vents, offering two ways of usage (under or on the body) and two size options (full-length and half-length) for personalized comfort.

3. Advanced Warming Technology:

  • Inflatable medical warming blanket with PTC heating technique, providing fast and effective warming while avoiding localized intense heat.

4. Safety and Control Features:

  • Double self-protection mechanism against errors and overheating, with three wind speed settings for adjustable comfort.

5. Real-time Monitoring and Display:

  • Real-time detection and display of body temperature on the screen, along with an accumulated warming time display for comprehensive usage tracking.

6. Easy Operation with Hotkeys:

  • Three hotkeys for wind temperature adjustment (38°C, 40°C, 43°C) with a 0.1°C increment, ensuring user-friendly and precise control.

PW- 11 Patient Warming System

  • Patient warming blanket PW-11 combines innovative design, versatile usage, advanced warming technology, safety features, real-time monitoring, and easy operation to deliver a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for medical settings.

  • • Disposable blanket to keep off cross-infection.
    • Inflatable medical warming blanket can avoid partial intense heat.
    • Soft and collapsible, with an even array of air vents
    • Two ways of usage, under and on the body2.
    • Two size, full-length and half-length.
    • Hygienic blanket as lasting bacteria-proof filter inside warming equipment.
    • Three wind speed for adjustment.
    • The adoption of PTC heating technique, fast and effective.
    • Double self-protection from error and overheating, safe and sound.
    • Body Temperature can be detected and reflected on screen in real time.
    • Accumulated warming time display.
    • Three hotkeys of wind temperature for easy operation, 38°C, 40°C, 43°C, with the increment of 0.1°C.

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