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1. Sturdy Framework:

  • Constructed with CRCA tubular pipes, the framework of this couch/chair guarantees robustness and stability, providing a reliable support structure for patients of varying sizes.


2. Versatile Design:

  • Equipped with a pull-out mechanism, this couch effortlessly transforms into a bed, offering added functionality for patients requiring extended periods of rest or overnight stays.


3. Enhanced Comfort:

  • The couch features two armrests pivoted with the backrest on each side, ensuring optimal support and comfort for patients during consultations or while reclining.


4. Floor Protection:

  • The legs of the couch are fitted with protective PVC stumps, preventing floor scratches and ensuring stability on various surfaces, enhancing safety for both patients and caregivers.


5. Premium Upholstery:

  • Upholstered with high-quality artificial leather fabric, this couch combines durability with comfort, providing a soft and easy-to-clean surface for patients.


6. Durable Finish:

  • Pre-treated and epoxy powder coated, the couch's framework is protected against corrosion and rust, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding healthcare environments.

Patient OPD Couch / Chair

  • Patient OPD Couch/Chair, meticulously engineered to provide utmost comfort and convenience for patients in outpatient departments (OPDs), clinics, and medical facilities. Crafted with precision and durability in mind.

    • Framework made of CRCA tubular pipes
    •  Pull-out design to easily transform recliner into bed
    •  Two armrest pivoted with backrest on each side
    •  Legs fitted with protective PVC stumps
    •  Artificial leather fabric upholstery
    •  Pre-treated and epoxy powder coated
    •  Overall Approx. Size: 190L x 62W x 58H cm
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