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1. 8" High-Resolution Color TFT Display:

  • Immerse yourself in crystal-clear visuals on the 8" high-resolution color TFT display, ensuring precise and detailed monitoring.


2. Versatile Parameters:

  • Monitor essential parameters including ECG, NIBP, SPO2, and PR, providing a holistic view of the patient's health status.


3. Multi-Display Options:

  • Choose from multiple display modes such as Standard, Large Font, and Trend Coaxes, tailoring the monitoring experience to your preferences.


4. Extended Battery Life:

  • Ensure continuous monitoring with up to 4 hours of working capacity from the built-in rechargeable battery, providing flexibility in various healthcare settings.


5. Separated PCB Board for Enhanced Efficiency:

  • Benefit from separated PCB boards for the main, power, NIBP, Spo2, and ECG functions, ensuring optimized performance and ease of maintenance.


6. Optional Advanced Features:

  • Customize your SIGMA 30 with optional enhancements such as Masimo/Nellcor Spo2, Suntech NIBP from the USA, IBP, EtCo2 Recorder, Touch Screen ECG, TEMP, and RESP, tailoring the device to meet specific clinical requirements.

SIGMA-30 Patient Monitor

  • Elevate your patient monitoring experience with the SIGMA- 30 Patient Monitor – where advanced technology meets personalized healthcare. Order now for superior clinical insights and precise healthcare management.

  • - 8" TFT Display: Clear monitoring.
    - Parameters: ECG, NIBP, SPO2, PR.
    - Multi-Display Options: Standard, Large Font, Trend Coaxes.
    - Up to 4 Hrs Battery Life.
    - Separated PCB Boards: Main, Power, NIBP, Spo2, ECG.
    - Optional Features: Masimo/Nellcor Spo2, Suntech NIBP, IBP, EtCo2 Recorder, Touch Screen ECG, TEMP, RESP.

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