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1. Precision Monitoring:

  • Accurately track NIBP, SpO2, PR, and TEMP with clear 7-segment LEDs for blood pressure indicators.


2. Intuitive Interface:

  • Navigate seamlessly on the 8-inch screen for operation manuals and vital sign data.


3. Comprehensive History:

  • Review patient data history for informed decision-making.


4. Neonatal Monitoring:

  • Specialized SpO2 features cater to neonatal needs.


5. Dynamic Waveform Capture:

  • Capture dynamic waveforms for detailed patient condition analysis.


5. Customizable Alarms and Display:

  • Stay alert with adjustable audible and visual alarms and personalize visibility with brightness settings.


6. Energy-Efficient Design:

  • Optimize power consumption with a time delay switch-off function.


7. Flexible Mounting:

  • Adaptable mounting solution for transportation and in-patient monitoring.

SIGMA-20 Patient Monitor

  • SIGMA 20 Patient Monitor, a high-accuracy vital signs monitor designed for comprehensive patient care. with precision, versatility, and user-friendly design in one.

  • • High accuracy Vital Signs monitor NIBP SpO2 PR TEMP

    • 8 inch screen for operation manual SpO2 PR pleth and TEMP

    • 7 segment LEDS for Systolic pressure, Diastolic Pressure,

    • MAP/CUFF pressure

    • History Patient data review

    • SpO2 Pitch & SpO2 workable in Neonate

    • Capture dynamic waveforms

    • Adjustable audible and visual Alarms

    • Adjustable brightness

    • Time delay switch-off function keep the monitor data restart monitor• Complete and flexible mounting solution for transportation and in patient monitoring

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