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1. Versatile Oxygen Flow:

  • Adjustable flow range from 0.5 to 5L/min, meeting individual therapy needs.


2. Reliable Output:

  • Delivers oxygen at 20.50 kPa pressure for consistent and controlled supply.


3. Safety First:

  • Equipped with a safety valve at 250 kPa ±50 kPa, ensuring secure operation.


4. Quiet Operation:

  • Low noise level (<60dB[A]) for a peaceful therapy environment.


5. Compact Design:

  • Weighing 15 kg and measuring 305308680(mm), it's easy to move and fit into various spaces.


6. Extended Usage:

  • Minimum working time of 30 minutes, supporting prolonged therapy sessions.


7. User-Friendly:

  • Continuous operation, AC220V/50Hz power supply, and temperature-controlled oxygen outlet (<46°C).

Oxiflow-11 Plus Dual Oxygen Concentrator

  • Experience the convenience, safety, and reliability of the Oxiflow-11 Plus Dual Oxygen Concentrator, a device engineered to provide optimal oxygen therapy support for a wide range of users. Order yours today and breathe easier with confidence.

    • Adjustable flow (0.5-5L/min) & 20.50 kPa pressure.
    • Secure operation with 250 kPa safety valve.
    • Quiet, compact (15 kg, 305308680mm), AC220V/50Hz.
    • Extended use: Minimum 30-min, continuous operation.
    • Temperature control (<46°C) for comfort.
    • Ingress Protection Rating: IPXO.
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