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1. Personalized Therapy:

  • Easily adjust the flow from 0.5 to 5L/min, ensuring a customized and comfortable oxygen delivery based on individual needs.


2. Reliable Oxygen Output:

  • With a consistent 20.50 kPa output pressure, Oxiflow - 11 guarantees a reliable and controlled supply for effective therapy.


3. Safety at its Core:

  • The compressor safety valve, releasing at 250 kPa ±50 kPa, prioritizes user safety during operation.


5. Whisper-Quiet Operation:

  • Operates with a noise level below 60dB(A), creating a serene therapy environment that promotes focus and relaxation.


6. Compact Efficiency:

  • Weighing just 15 kg and featuring dimensions of 305308680(mm), the concentrator is designed for easy placement and convenient mobility.


7. Continuous Comfort:

  • Enjoy uninterrupted therapy with a minimum working time of no less than 30 minutes, ensuring a continuous and reliable oxygen supply.

Oxiflow-11 Oxygen Concentrator

  • Oxiflow - 11 Oxygen Concentrator, an advanced solution for tailored and efficient oxygen therapy. Experience the next level of oxygen therapy with Oxiflow - 11, designed for efficiency, safety, and comfort. Order now for a breath of fresh air.

    • Adjustable flow: 0.5-5L/min.
    • Steady 20.50 kPa output.
    • Safety valve: 250 kPa ±50 kPa.
    •  Quiet: <60dB(A) noise.
    • Compact: 15 kg, 305*308*680(mm).
    • 30-min continuous use.
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