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1. Flow Control:

  • Tailor your therapy with an adjustable flow ranging from 0.5 to 5L/min, providing a personalized and comfortable oxygen delivery.


2. Pressure Precision:

  • The concentrator maintains a consistent output pressure of 20.50 kPa, ensuring a reliable and controlled supply of oxygen for effective therapy.


3. Safety Priority:

  • Equipped with a compressor safety valve that releases at 250 kPa ±50 kPa, the Oxicon - 10 prioritizes your safety during operation.


4. Whisper-Quiet Operation:

  • Enjoy a peaceful therapy environment with a noise level of less than 60dB(A), allowing you to focus on your well-being without unnecessary disturbance.


5. Powerful Performance:

  • The concentrator operates efficiently with AC220V/50Hz power supply and 400 VA input power, providing a powerful and reliable performance.


6. Extended Use:

  • With a minimum working time of no less than 30 minutes, this concentrator ensures continuous operation, allowing for extended and uninterrupted therapy sessions.


7. Temperature Comfort:

  • The device maintains the temperature of the oxygen outlet below 46°C, prioritizing your comfort during therapy.


8. Enhanced Protection:

  • Boasting an IPXO Ingress Protection Rating, the Oxicon - 10 provides enhanced protection against environmental factors, ensuring its durability and reliability.

Oxiflow-10 Oxygen Concentrator

  • Elevate your oxygen therapy with the Oxicon - 10, a compact, reliable, and feature-rich solution designed to prioritize your well-being. Order now for a breath of fresh air and an enhanced therapeutic experience.

    • Flow: 0.5-5L/min
    • Pressure: 20.50 kPa output
    • Safety: 250 kPa ±50 kPa valve
    • Quiet: <60dB(A) noise
    • Powerful: AC220V/50Hz, 400 VA
    • Compact: 15 kg, 305308680(mm)
    • Use: 30-min continuous operation
    • Comfort: Oxygen outlet <46°C
    • Protection: IPXO Rating
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