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1. Soft-Touch Remote Control:

  • Fully maneuverable with intuitive soft-touch keys on the hand-held remote control panel.


2. User-Friendly Operation:

  • Legible symbols on switches ensure accurate table positioning at every stage of the operation.


3. Smooth and Accurate Positioning:

  • Provides seamless, easy, and precise positioning for enhanced surgical outcomes.


4. Radiolucent Table Top:

  • Five-section design enables the use of C-arm over the entire table length.


5. Sensor-Controlled Levelling:

  • Unique technology for height adjustment, backrest lifting, lateral, and Trendelenburg positions.


6. Hygienic Stainless Steel Design with Effortless Mobility:

  • Base and column covered with stainless steel fittings for durability and hygiene.
  • Movable on high-quality casters for easy transportation within the surgical environment.


7. Mechanical Foot Pedal Locking:

  • Equipped with a mechanical foot pedal for secure and rigid table locking during procedures.


8. Interchangeable Sections:

  • Flexibility with interchangeable leg and head sections to adapt to various surgical needs.

AMPL-9001 Operating Hydraulic Table

  • AMPL-9001 Operating Hydraulic Table, is designed for versatility in both major and minor surgical procedures, offering unparalleled maneuverability through soft-touch keys on the hand-held remote control panel.

    • Electrically operated for surgeries.
    • Soft-touch keys for easy control.
    • Legible symbols for accurate positioning.
    • Five-section radiolucent top for C-arm.
    • Sensor-controlled leveling for precision.
    • Stainless steel for hygiene and durability.
    • High-quality casters for mobility.
    • Mechanical foot pedal for locking.
    • Smooth movements in sections.
    • Interchangeable leg and head sections.
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