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1. 15.6" High-Resolution Touch Screen:

  • Experience clear visuals and easy navigation with a large TFT LCD touch screen.


2. ECG Analysis with 10 Waveforms:

  • Analyze ECG with up to 12 leads and view 10 waveforms for comprehensive monitoring.


3. Powerful Calculations:

  • Perform hemodynamic, dose, oxygenation, and ventilation calculations effortlessly.


4. Comprehensive Analysis Features:

  • Detect pacemakers, conduct ST & arrhythmia analysis, and support Spo2 with PVI and PI.


5. 360-Degree Visible Alarms:

  • Receive alarms from any angle for enhanced visibility and patient safety.


6. Optional Modules and Connectivity:

  • Customize with Aspect bisx and NFT modules. Connect wired/wireless to CMS using HL7 protocol.

SIGMA-70 Multi-Para Patient Monitor

  • Introducing our cutting-edge patient monitor – a compact powerhouse with a 15.6" touch screen, advanced ECG analysis, and robust features for comprehensive patient care. From powerful calculations to 360-degree visible alarms, this monitor is designed for accuracy and convenience. Welcome to the future of patient monitoring.

    • 15.6" TFT LCD Touch Screen
    • 10 Waveforms, 12 ECG leads
    • Powerful Calculations
    • Pacemaker Detection
    • ST & Arrhythmia Analysis
    • Spo2 with PVI, PI (0.2% low perfusion)
    • 360-Degree Visible Alarms
    • Optional Aspect Bisx, NFT Modules
    • - Wired/Wireless CMS, HL7 Protocol
    • - Spo2 Pulse-Tone Modulation
    • - HDMI for Trend Review (120 hrs)
    • - Graphical Wave Review
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