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  1. Cutting-Edge Detection:

    • Advanced optics and software ensure unparalleled accuracy in jaundice detection, providing reliable results for critical diagnoses.
  2. User-Friendly Operation:

    • Designed for ease, the ACJ-200 boasts an intuitive interface, making the testing process stress-free for healthcare professionals.
  3. Instant Precision:

    • Swift and precise measurements enable quick decision-making, crucial in time-sensitive medical scenarios.
  4. Comprehensive Tracking:

    • Seamlessly record and review measurement data, allowing for holistic tracking of patient jaundice levels over time.
  5. Infant-Friendly Testing:

    • Ensure a gentle and pain-free testing experience, particularly crafted to cater to the delicate needs of infants.
  6. Diagnostic Accuracy:

    • The ACJ-200 guarantees ±1.5 mg/dL accuracy, a vital factor for effective jaundice diagnosis in pediatric cases.
  7. On-the-Go Care:

    • With a compact design, the ACJ-200 is easily transportable between patient rooms, ensuring prompt and efficient care.
  8. Smart Data Recall:

    • The intelligent memory system streamlines data recall, facilitating enhanced patient history analysis for informed decision-making.

ACJ- 200 Jaundice Detector

  • Ensure optimal infant care with the ACJ-200 Jaundice Detector, where advanced features meet the comfort of pain-free testing. Experience the future of pediatric healthcare with a device that prioritizes accuracy, ease of use, and the well-being of infants. Trust ACJ-200 for a brighter and healthier start for the little ones.

    • Display: LCD
    • Power: AA 1.5Vx2 Li-ion Battery
    • Range: 0.0mg/dL ~ 32.0 mg/dL
    • Accuracy: ±1.5 mg/dL
    • Charging Time: <12 seconds
    • Record Function: Stores 21 Previous Measurements
    • Review Data Easily
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