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1. Advanced Display and Lightweight Design:

  • Featuring a 3-inch color TFT display, this lightweight infusion pump (1.7KG) ensures clear and intuitive operation, making it highly portable.

2. Versatile Flow Rate Range:

  • With a flow rate ranging from 0.1ml/hr to 1200 ml/hr, it caters to a wide range of medical infusion needs.

3. Brightness Levels and Extended Operation:

  • Choose from 1-10 brightness levels for optimal visibility, and benefit from a robust 12-hour continuous operation.

4. Event Storage and Occlusion Pressure System:

  • Store up to 2000 events for comprehensive monitoring, and rely on the three-level DPS occlusion pressure system for enhanced safety.

5. Universal Compatibility and Compact Dimensions:

  • This infusion pump can be used with any brand IV set after precise calibration, and its compact dimensions (120mm x 100mm x 215mm) ensure easy integration into healthcare settings.

6. Safety Features - Anti-Bolus System:

  • With an anti-bolus system, it provides an additional layer of safety during medical fluid delivery.

7. Mounting Flexibility and Programmable Purge Rate:

  • Equipped with both vertical and horizontal mounting clamps, it offers adaptability, and its programmable purge rate enhances functionality.

AC 100 I Infusion Pump

  • AC-100 I Infusion Pump: Compact design, 3-inch color TFT display, versatile flow rates (0.1ml/hr - 1200 ml/hr), 12-hr continuous operation, universal compatibility, anti-bolus system, and programmable purge rate. Elevate your medical infusion experience.

  • • 3 inch color TFT display.
    • Weight is 1.7KG.
    • Flowrate is 0.1ml/hr -1200 ml/hr.
    • 1-10 levels of brightness can be selected.
    • 12 hrs of continuous operation.
    • 2000 events stored can be checked and downloaded.
    • Three level of DPS occlusion pressure.
    • Can be used with any brand IV Set after exactly calibration.
    • Dimension is 120mm X 100mm X 215mm.
    • Anti- bolus system.
    • Vertical and horizontal mounting clamp.
    • Programmable and adjustable purge rate.

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