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  • Intuitive Electrical Interface:

    • Seamlessly integrated nurse call, USB, NET, RS232, and VGA for enhanced connectivity.
  • Versatile Interface Type:

    • Main Patient Outlet with ISO 22M/15F and Oxygen Inlet supporting DISS or NIST Male.
  • Crystal-Clear Display:

    • 15.6" diagonal Active Matrix Color TFT LCD provides real-time waveforms and trends.
  • Fully Electronic Control:

    • Navigate ventilation modes such as A/C-VCV, A/C-PCV, BIPAP, and CPAP effortlessly.
  • Special Functions for Enhanced Care:

    • Manual breath, O2 therapy, standby, inspiratory/expiratory hold, and more tailored to critical scenarios.
  • Adaptable for Various Patients:

    • Accommodates adult, pediatric, and neonate patients with adjustable patient height.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring Capabilities:

    • Real-time waveforms, loops (P-V, V-Flow, Flow-P), and trends (1s to 60min) for precise patient assessment.
  • Variable Parameters Control:

    • Tidal volume, PEEP/CPAP, Oxygen levels, I:E ratio, Inspiratory time, Flow trigger, Pressure trigger, and more.

Ventour-S ICU Ventilator

  • Elevate your ICU capabilities with the Ventour-S ICU Ventilator. This advanced medical device combines an intuitive electrical interface, versatile controls, and comprehensive monitoring for optimal critical care. Whether you need precise ventilation modes, special functions, or adaptable patient support, the Ventour-S ensures unparalleled reliability in the ICU. Invest in the future of critical care with Ventour-S - your trusted partner in ventilator technology

    • Ventilation Modes: A/C-VCV, A/C-PCV, BIPAP, CPAP
    • Special Functions: Manual Breath, O2 Therapy, Standby, Inspiratory/Expiratory Hold
    • Real-time Waveforms: Paw, Flow, Volume, EtCO2, SPO2
    • Tidal Volume: 5 to 2000mL
    • PEEP/CPAP: 0 to 30 cmH2O
    • Oxygen: 21 to 100%
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