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1.High Throughput and Speed:

  • Capable of conducting numerous tests concurrently, enhancing laboratory efficiency.

2.Advanced Analytical Capabilities:

  • Includes a wide range of assays such as enzymes, electrolytes, lipids, proteins, and more.

3.Automated Sample Handling:

  • Supports continuous sample loading, minimizing downtime between tests.

4.Integrated Quality Control:

  • Performs regular quality control checks and alerts for any deviations from set standards.



I-CHEM PRO Automated Chemistry Analyzer

  • Fully automated chemistry analyzers help to carry out the analytical applications in different laboratory settings with enhanced efficiency and convenience. With these instruments, researchers can obtain evaluation reports with superior accuracy. Obtain Analysis Reports within Minimum Time Span.

  • Analytical System Random access with direct reading system
    Methodm End point, Kinetic, Fixed time, 1-2 reagent, Multistandard
    Throughput 200 tests/hour
    Absorbance resolution 0.0001A
    Weightm 50Kg


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