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1. Diverse Scissor Designs:

  • Metzenbaum and Mayo scissors in various configurations for versatile cutting needs.


2. Precision Tissue Manipulation:

  • Allis, Kochers, Mcindoe, and Babcocks tissue forceps for delicate tissue handling.


3. Secure Needle Handling:

  • Mayo Hagar needle holders ensuring secure and controlled needle manipulation.


4. Sturdy Towel Clamps:

  • Backhaus Towel Clamps (11cm) for stable draping during surgery.


5. Optimal Forceps Variety:

  • Criles, Spencer Wells, U S Army, Adson, and Lane forceps catering to different gripping requirements.


6. Comprehensive Additional Instruments:

  • Including gallipots and kidney dishes for a well-equipped surgical environment.

OI-001 Hernia Set

  • Hernia Surgery Set OI-001 comprises a comprehensive array of high-quality instruments, providing surgeons with the essential tools for effective hernia procedures.

    • Application: Hernia Surgical Instrument Set
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Color: Silver
    • No. of Peice: 67
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