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1. Advanced Analysis Technology:

  • Leveraging semiconductor laser flow cytometry for accurate WBC, DIFF, and BASO counting, coupled with electrical impedance method for RBC and PLT counting.


2. Innovative Hemoglobin Detection:

  • Utilizes a cyanide-free reagent with a colorimetric method for safe and precise HGB measurement.


3. Efficient Throughput:

  • Process up to 60 samples per hour, ensuring swift and timely results with the HA-22


4. Sensitive Flagging for Deeper Insights:

  • Equipped with sensitive flaggings to identify NRBC, Eosinophilia, DIFF, ALLY, and IG, providing valuable insights for comprehensive diagnostics.

HA-22 Automated Hematology Analyzer

  • Elevate your diagnostic capabilities with the HA-22 Automatic Hematology Analyzer, designed for precision, efficiency, and enhanced clinical insights.

    • WBC, DIFF, BASO: Semiconductor laser flow cytometry.
    • RBC, PLT: Electrical impedance method.
    • Cyanide-free HGB reagent, colorimetric method.
    • Throughput: 60 samples/hour.
    • Sensitive flaggings: NRBC, EOSINOPHILIA, DIFF, ALLY, IG.
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