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1. Three-Section Design with Independent Controls:

  • The couch is innovatively designed with three independent sections, each equipped with controls for a customized experience during examinations.


2. Trendelenburg Position Feature:

  • Stand out with the unique Trendelenburg position feature, enhancing flexibility and adaptability during gynecological and obstetric procedures.


3. Adjustable Backrest and Leg Section:

  • A sophisticated mechanism allows seamless adjustments in the backrest and leg sections, catering to the specific requirements of gynecological examinations.


4. Versatile Tilting Capability:

  • The couch offers a tilting capability, providing healthcare professionals with optimal angles for comprehensive and thorough examinations.


5. Durable Chrome-Plated Framework:

  • The framework is crafted from chrome-plated rectangular steel tubes, ensuring durability and stability during medical procedures.


7. Complete Set with Accessories:

  • Supplied complete with a stainless steel bowl and two standard padded leg holders for added convenience and support during examinations.


8. Knockdown Construction:

  • The couch features a knockdown construction for user-friendly assembly and disassembly, streamlining transportation, storage, and maintenance.

Gynecological Couch

  • Elevate gynecological and obstetric care with our Gynecological Couch, where cutting-edge design meets practical functionality, providing a reliable and comfortable platform for healthcare professionals and their patients.

    • 3-section design, independent controls, Trendelenburg.
    • Adjustable backrest, tilting mechanism.
    • Compact: 1800L x 550W x 800H mm.
    • Chrome-plated steel, padded top.
    • Includes S.S. bowl, leg holders.
    • Easy knockdown construction.
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