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1. Smooth Crank System:

  • Mechanically operated by a smooth crank system, this bed allows effortless adjustment of various positions, providing optimal comfort and support to patients.


2. Robust Construction:

  • Crafted with an epoxy-coated rectangular CRCA frame, this bed offers exceptional sturdiness and reliability, ensuring long-term performance in demanding healthcare environments.


3. Versatile Design:

  • Equipped with S.S. head and foot bows fitted with laminated panels, this bed exudes elegance while offering added durability and ease of maintenance.


4. Convenient Features:

  • Bed Frame features four locations for a telescopic IV pole, facilitating hassle-free medical procedures. Additionally, it is mounted on noiseless casters, with two featuring brakes for secure immobilization.


5. Optional Additions:

  • Customize the bed according to specific requirements with optional drop-type M.S. or S.S. side railings. Choose from blue or wooden color laminated panels to complement any healthcare setting.


6. Smooth Position Adjustment:

  • The foldable handle of the smooth crank system allows effortless adjustment of backrest and knee rest elevations, enabling personalized positioning for patient comfort.

AMPL-1003 Fowler Bed Deluxe

  • AMPL-1003 Fowler Bed Deluxe, a pinnacle of comfort, functionality, and durability designed to enhance patient care in medical facilities. Engineered with precision and constructed with top-grade materials.

    • Mechanically operated by smooth crank system
    •  Epoxy coated rectangular CRCA frame
    •  Four sectional Uniformly Perforated CRCA Sheet Top
    •  S.S. Head and Foot bows fitted with Laminated Panels
    •  Four locations on bed frame for telescopic IV pole
    •  Mounted on 100mm dia. noiseless casters (two with brakes)
    •  Pre-treated and Epoxy Powder Coated
    •  Optional: Drop-type M.S. / S.S. side railing
    •  Also available with Blue / Wooden colour Laminated Panels
    •  Overall Approx. Size: 200L x 90W x 60H cm
    •  Positions obtained by Smooth Crank System with foldable handle:
    •  Backrest elevation
    •  Knee rest elevation
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