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1. Sturdy Construction:

  • Constructed with Tubular CRCA/mild steel framework, the AMPL-5007 Footstep Single ensures durability and resilience, making it suitable for heavy-duty usage.


2. Double Press Bent CRC Sheet Top:

  • Top surface of the footstep is made from CRC sheet, doubly press bent for enhanced strength and rigidity, providing a secure platform for users.


3. Rubber Mat Step:

  • Step is equipped with a rubber mat, surrounded by an Aluminium angle frame, offering slip-resistant traction and added safety during use.


4. PVC Shoes:

  • Mounted on PVC shoes, this footstep ensures stability on various surfaces, preventing skidding or sliding for a secure footing.


5. Optional Stainless Steel Variant:

  • For environments requiring additional corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal, the AMPL-5007 Footstep Single is also available with a complete stainless steel framework and top surface.

AMPL-5007 Footstep Single

  • AMPL-5007 Footstep Single, designed to provide stability and safety in various settings. Crafted with precision using Tubular CRCA/mild steel framework, this footstep guarantees robustness and longevity, ensuring reliable support for users.

    • Tubular CRCA / mild steel framework
    • CRC Sheet top, duly double press bent
    • Step fixed with rubber mat surrounded by Aluminium angle frame
    • Mounted on PVC shoes
    • Also available in complete Stainless steel framework and S.S. Top
    • Overall Approx. Size: 50L x 30W x 22H cm
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