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1. Compact & Lightweight Design:

  •    FW-20's sleek build ensures portability and seamless integration into medical settings, providing a space-saving solution without compromising performance.

2. Colorful LCD for Quick Monitoring:

  •    Stay informed effortlessly with FW-20's vibrant LCD screen, enabling detailed information at a glance and enhancing precision in fluid warming monitoring.

3. Double Groove Heating for Efficiency:

  •    Optimize workflow with FW-20's dual groove heating, allowing simultaneous warming of two infusion sets for efficient management of multiple infusions.

4. Optional Drop Sensor for Safety:

  •    Elevate safety with FW-20's optional drop sensor compatibility, ensuring an extra layer of monitoring for precise fluid administration.

5. Rapid 3-5 Minute Heating:

  •    Experience swift patient care with FW-20's rapid heating capability, reaching the set temperature within 3 to 5 minutes and minimizing delays.

6. Safety Alarms & Power Cutoff:

  •    Prioritize patient safety with built-in over-temperature and low-temperature alarms, coupled with automatic power cutoff to prevent overheating and ensure device and patient well-being.

7. Versatile Installations - Hanger or Pole Clamp:

  •    Adapt to any medical environment with FW-20's versatile design, offering options for hanger or pole clamp installations, ensuring optimal workspace configuration.

FW- 20 Fluid Warmer

  • Invest in the FW-20 Fluid Warmer for a reliable, efficient, and safety-focused solution to fluid temperature management. Elevate your healthcare standards with this cutting-edge device designed for the challenges of the modern medical landscape. Order yours today and experience the future of fluid warming technology

  • • Compact and light weight.
    • Colorful LCD screen with detailed info.
    • Double groove heating for two infusion sets.
    • Optional working with drop sensor.
    • Fast heating, 3~5 minutes to reach the set temperature.
    • With over-temperature & low temperature alarm.
    • Cut off the power supply automatically when overheat of fluid.
    • Two flexible installations: with hanger or pole clamp.

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