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1. Easy Operation:

  • FP-11 is designed for simplicity, providing easy and intuitive operation for users of all levels.


2. Universal Display:

  • Enjoy convenient detection with the universal display, making it easy to read and interpret your blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate measurements.


3. Accurate Readings:

  • Trust in the accuracy of the FP-11 for precise measurements of blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate, ensuring reliable health monitoring.


4. Anti-Ambient Light Interference and Anti-Motion Technology:

  • Enhanced accuracy is maintained through anti-ambient light interference and anti-motion technology, allowing for reliable readings in various environments.


5. Low Power Consumption:

  • Benefit from efficient power usage, making the FP-11 an energy-saving and long-lasting device for continuous monitoring.


6. Battery Display and Low Power Indicator:

  • Keep track of the battery status with the clear battery display and receive timely notifications with the low power indicator.


7. Auto Shutdown:

  • The FP-11 features an auto shutdown function if no signal is detected, optimizing battery life and ensuring efficient power management.

FP- 11 Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

  • The FP-11 Pulse Oximeter: easy operation, universal display, accurate readings, anti-interference tech. Low power use, battery indicator, and auto-shutdown make it a reliable choice for blood oxygen and pulse rate monitoring.

    • Easy Operation
    • Universal Display for Convenient Detection
    • Accurate Blood Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Rate Readings
    • Anti-Ambient Light Interference and Anti-Motion Technology
    • Low Power Consumption
    • Battery Display and Low Power Indicator
    • Auto Shutdown in the Absence of Signal
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