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1. Vivid 12.1 Inch LED Display:

  • Immerse yourself in clear visuals on the expansive 12.1-inch color LED display, ensuring precision and ease during maternal and fetal monitoring.


2. Flexible, Light Design for Effortless Operation:

  • Experience convenience with a flexible, lightweight design that prioritizes ease of use, making maternal and fetal monitoring a seamless process.


3. Extended 60-Hour CTG Storage and Review Capability:

  • Ensure comprehensive data access with 60 hours of CTG storage, facilitating thorough reviewing and printing for a detailed patient record.


4. Standard and Optional Parameters for Comprehensive Monitoring:

  • Monitor vital parameters with standard features such as FHR, TOCO, and FM, with optional parameters including ECG, SPO2, and NIBP, ensuring versatility in patient care.


5. Flip Screen and Large Font for Enhanced Visibility:

  • Customize your viewing experience with a flip screen (0 to 90 degrees) and large font, enhancing visibility for efficient maternal and fetal parameter monitoring.


6. Optional Fetal Wakeup Function and Long Battery Life:

  • Optimize patient care with optional fetal wakeup functionality and a substantial 3.5-hour battery life, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring.


7. Comprehensive Alarm Event Reviewing and Multi-Interface Display:

  • Enhance situational awareness with 50 group alarm event reviews and a multi-interface display, providing a comprehensive overview of maternal and fetal parameters.

F-22 T Fetal Monitor

  • Elevate obstetric care with the F-22 T Fetal Monitor, where advanced features meet user-friendly design. Order now for precision, convenience, and unparalleled monitoring capabilities!

    • 12.1 inch color LED Display
    • 60 hours CTG storage, reviewing, print
    • Standard parameter :-FHR,TOCO,FM Optional parameter:- ECG, SPO2, NIBP
    • Flip screen form 0 to 90 degree, large font
    • Optional:- fetal wakeup function
    • 150/152 mm side paper
    • 50 group alarm events reviewing
    • Simultaneously maternal & fetal Parameter display
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