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1. Sturdy Construction: 

  • AMPL-5001 Examination Table is crafted from rectangular CRCA / mild steel tubes, ensuring exceptional strength, stability, and durability.


2. Adjustable Backrest:

  • Backrest of the examination table is adjustable on a ratchet mechanism, allowing for easy customization of the examination position to accommodate the comfort of patients and the convenience of medical professionals. 


3. Protective PVC Stumps:

  • Examination table is mounted on protective PVC stumps, which provide stability and protection against damage to floors. These stumps ensure that the examination table remains securely in place during examinations, enhancing safety and preventing slippage.


4. Cushioned Two-Section Top:

  • Features a two-section cushioned top with a 75 mm foam mattress and rexine cover, providing superior comfort for patients during examinations. 


5. Durable Finish:

  • The examination table is pre-treated and epoxy powder coated, providing a durable and resistant finish that protects against corrosion and wear. 


6. Variety of Top Options:

  • AMPL-5001 Examination Table is also available with options for M.S. or S.S. tops, providing flexibility to suit specific facility requirements and preferences. 

AMPL-5001 Examination Table Two Sections

  • AMPL-5001 Examination Table, a versatile and reliable solution designed to meet the demands of medical examination rooms and healthcare facilities.

    • Frame Material: Rectangular CRCA / Mild Steel Tubes
    • Overall Dimensions: 180 cm (Length) x 60 cm (Width) x 60 cm (Height)
    • Backrest: Adjustable on Ratchet Mechanism
    • Top: Two-Section Cushioned with 75mm Foam Mattress and Rexine Cover
    • Mounting: Protective PVC Stumps
    • Finish: Pre-treated and Epoxy Powder Coated
    • Top Options: M.S. or S.S.
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