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1. Height Adjustable Design:

  • Equipped with a foot-operated hydraulic pump, this trolley offers effortless height adjustment ranging from 65 cm to 95 cm, accommodating varying medical requirements and ensuring ergonomic positioning for medical staff.


2. Advanced Top Design:

  • Featuring a two-section removable X-ray translucent top, the trolley facilitates seamless X-ray imaging without the need for patient repositioning, enhancing diagnostic capabilities and reducing procedural delays.


3. Versatile Positioning:

  • The backrest can be easily raised using a ratchet mechanism, allowing for comfortable patient positioning. 


4. Enhanced Mobility:

  • Four heavy-duty swivel casters, each with a diameter of 125 mm, ensure smooth maneuverability, while two casters are equipped with brakes for secure immobilization.


5. Durable Construction:

  • Pre-treated and epoxy powder coated for enhanced durability and resistance against corrosion, ensuring longevity even in demanding medical settings.


6. Comprehensive Accessories:

  • Trolley comes complete with safety side railings, an IV rod, and an oxygen cylinder cage, providing essential support and storage for medical equipment. Additionally, a storage tray is included for holding X-ray cassettes, optimizing workflow efficiency.

AMPL-2002 Emergency Recovery Trolley

  • AMPL-2002 Emergency Recovery Trolley sets a new standard in emergency medical care, combining advanced features with durability and versatility to ensure seamless patient management in critical situations.

    •  Height adjustable by foot-operated hydraulic pump from 65-95 cm
    •  Two-section removable X-ray translucent top
    •  Backrest raised on ratchet
    •  Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg positions assisted by gas spring
    •  Four heavy duty swivel casters of 125 mm dia. two with  brakes
    •  Pre-treated and epoxy powder coated
    •  Provided with Safety side railings, IV rod, Oxygen cylinder cage and storage
    • Tray for holding x-ray cassettes
    •  Overall Approx. Size: 210L x 65W x 65-
    •  95H cm (Height Adjustable)
    • Also available incomplete S.S.
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