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1. Mild Steel Frame Construction:

  • The sturdy mild steel frame ensures the trolley's stability and longevity, providing a robust foundation for medical equipment and supplies.


2. Five Drawers for Medicine:

  • With five spacious drawers, this trolley offers ample storage space for a variety of medical supplies, allowing for systematic organization and easy access during emergencies.


3. Upper Drawer with Medicine Containers:

  • The upper drawer is equipped with medicine containers of different sizes, enabling efficient segregation and storage of medications for quick retrieval when needed.


4. Provision for Oxygen Cylinder:

  • The trolley features a provision to securely hold an oxygen cylinder, constructed from durable MS material, ensuring safe and convenient access to vital medical gases during emergencies.


5. Stainless Steel Shelves with Railings:

  • Stainless steel shelves with railings provide additional storage options for medical equipment, ensuring stability and preventing items from slipping during transport.



6. Corner Buffers:

  • Designed with corner buffers, the trolley minimizes the risk of damage to both the cart and surrounding equipment or furniture, ensuring safe maneuverability in busy medical environments.

Emergency Medical Trolley

  • Emergency Medical Trolley, designed to meet the demands of medical professionals in emergency situations. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this trolley is built to provide easy accessibility, and durability in any medical setting.

    • Overall Dimensions: 750mm (Length) x 500mm (Width) x 810mm (Height)
    • Frame Material: Mild Steel (MS)
    • Drawer Configuration: Five Drawers
    • Drawer Material: Mild Steel (MS)
    • Shelf Material: Stainless Steel (SS)
    • Caster Diameter: 125mm
    • Caster Type: Swivel Castors (2 with brakes)
    • IV Rod Material: Stainless Steel (SS)
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