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1. Vivid 8.4-Inch Color TFT Display:

  • Immerse yourself in clear visuals for optimal visibility and user-friendly navigation.


2. Multi-Waveform Display and Recording:

  • Monitor up to 5 waveforms and record 4, providing a detailed overview of vital signs.


3. Versatile Parameters for Critical Care:

  • Monitor standard parameters and optionally expand with 12-lead ECG monitoring.


4. Flexible Energy Selection and Upgradable Parameters:

  • Adapt to varying scenarios with energy selection from 2 to 360 joules. Upgrade for expanded monitoring.


5. Paddle-based Operation:

  • Seamlessly select energy levels and deliver shocks through paddles for a quick and efficient response.

ACCUDEF-22 Defibrillator

  • Elevate your emergency response with the ACCUDEF-22 Defibrillator. Designed for precision, flexibility, and rapid intervention, this advanced life-saving technology is your trusted partner in critical care. Order now and experience a new era in defibrillation excellence!

  • • 8.4-inch color TFT display
    • Upto 5 waveforms are on display, & upto 4 waveforms are recorded
    • Standard Parameters: ECG Monitoring, Defibrillation, AED, Pacing, & 360 Joules
    • Optional Parameter: 12 lead ECG monitoring
    • Energy selection is 2–360 joules.
    • Upgradable Parameters: SPO2, NIBP, ETCO2, & TEMP
    • Select energy through paddles & shock delivering through paddles
    • The weight is 7.2 kg (including the battery).
    • Hot swapable battery
    • Charging time is less than 3 seconds to 200 joules with a new fully charged battery & less than 7 seconds to 360 joules with a new fully charged battery.

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