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1. Advanced Display Technology:

  • Equipped with a vibrant 7" Color Display, providing clear and intuitive visuals for quick and effective operation.  


2. Built-in Printer for Instant Documentation:

  • Enhance response efficiency with a built-in printer for instant data capture on 2" thermal paper, ensuring a reliable and tangible record.


3. Rapid Charging Capability:

  • Mains-powered charging ensures the DF-11 is primed for action in just 6 seconds, minimizing downtime and optimizing emergency response readiness.


4. Variable Energy Level Selection:

  • Customize defibrillation with flexible 2 to 200 Joules energy levels for precise and effective response in diverse emergencies.


5. Extended Battery Life:

  • The DF-11 boasts an impressive battery capacity, delivering 70-100 shocks on a single charge. 


6. Versatile Paddle Support:

  • DF-11: Adaptable for adults and pediatrics, a vital tool for diverse emergency situations.


7. Compact and Lightweight Design:

  • Designed with portability in mind, the DF-11 is compact and lightweight, facilitating easy transport and swift deployment in emergency situations.

ACCUDEF- 11 Biphasic Defibrillator

  • DF-11 Biphasic Defibrillator – a state-of-the-art lifesaving device engineered for reliability, adaptability, and ease of use. Upgrade your emergency preparedness with this essential tool that seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features.

    • 7" Color Display with built in printer.
    • Charging time 6 sec on mains.
    • Offers variable energy level selection (2,3,5,10,20,30,50,70,100,150,200 Joules).
    • Battery capacity 70-100 shocks on single charge.
    • Adult & pediatric paddles support.
    • Compact & Light weight.
    • Print out on 2" thermal paper.
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