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1. CRCA/Mild Steel Construction:

  • Engineered with high-quality CRCA/Mild Steel, this trolley guarantees reliable performance even in demanding environments, offering resilience against wear and tear.


2. Smooth Mobility:

  • Equipped with two 100mm castors, this trolley facilitates effortless maneuverability, allowing you to transport cylinders with ease across various surfaces.


3. Sturdy Base Plate:

  • The M.S. sheet base plate provides a stable foundation for securing cylinders during transportation, minimizing the risk of slippage or accidents.


4. Durable Finish:

  • Pre-treated and epoxy powder coated, the trolley is resistant to corrosion, scratches, and harsh chemicals, ensuring long-lasting protection and a sleek appearance.


5. Versatile Design:

  • This trolley is also available with a full stainless steel framework option, catering to diverse preferences and environments with its adaptable design.

AMPL-3008 Cylinder Trolley

  • AMPL-3008 Cylinder Trolley, designed to streamline your cylinder transportation needs with unparalleled durability and convenience. Crafted from CRCA/Mild Steel tubular framework, this trolley ensures superior strength and longevity.

    •  CRCA / Mild Steel tubular frame work
    •  Mounted on two 100mm castors
    •  M.S. Sheet base plate
    •  Pre-treated and Epoxy Powder Coated
    •  Also available in full SS framework
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