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1. Small and Portable:

  • Compact size (315238153mm) and lightweight (<4 kg, including battery) for easy mobility.


2. Friendly User Interface:

  • Color LCD touch screen display with a "traffic light" indicator for intuitive operation.
  • Features built-in multimedia tutorials for user guidance.


3. Unique Smart Cartridge Design:

  • Single-use cartridge with multiple tests, ensuring safety and environmental protection.
  • Long cartridge storage life at room temperature, providing convenience.


4. Convenient Operation, Accurate, and Reliable:

  • Standby mode without battery consumption and complete maintenance-free.
  • Fast, accurate, and convenient built-in auto calibration.
  • Auto sample aspiration assures convenience and reliability.


5. Powerful Data Management:

  • USB ports for data transfer.
  • Stores up to 10,000 patient data.
  • Optional data management software available.
  • Seamless integration with LIS/HIS through wired or wireless networking.

ABG-11 Blood Gas Analyzer

  • Introducing the ABG-11 Blood Gas Analyzer – a compact and powerful solution for on-the-go diagnostics. Experience efficiency and precision with the ABG-11 Blood Gas Analyzer – designed for convenience, accuracy, and seamless data management.

    • Compact, <4 kg.
    • LCD touch screen, "traffic light" indicator.
    • Single-use for multiple tests, extended storage.
    • Standby mode, auto calibration.
    • Auto sample aspiration.
    • USB ports, 10,000 patient data.
    • Seamless LIS/HIS integration.
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