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1. Complete Locker Box Construction:

  • Constructed from robust ABS plastic, the bed side cabinet features a complete locker box design, ensuring durability and longevity in demanding medical environments. 


2. Premium-Finish ABS Top:

  • The cabinet is equipped with a smooth premium-finish ABS top, offering a sleek and modern appearance while providing a durable surface for placing bedside essentials such as lamps, medication, or personal items.


3. Ample Storage Space:

  • Bedside cabinet is designed with one storage cabinet and a single drawer located under the top surface, providing convenient storage for medical supplies, personal belongings, or other bedside essentials. 


4. Easy Mobility:

  • The cabinet is mounted on 5 cm diameter castors, allowing for effortless movement and positioning around the bedside area. 


5. Ergonomic Design:

  • With smooth edges and ergonomic handles, the bed side cabinet prioritizes user comfort and safety. The rounded edges reduce the risk of accidental bumps or injuries.

AMPL-3003 Bed Side Cabinet

  • AMPL-3003 Bed Side Cabinet, designed to enhance bedside storage and organization in healthcare settings. Crafted with durability and functionality in mind.

    • Complete locker box made of strong ABS plastic
    •  Smooth premium-finish ABS Top
    •  Provided with one storage cabinet and single drawer under the top and space for keeping utilities
    •  Mounted on 5 cms dia. castors for easy movement
    •  Smooth edges and ergonomic handles
    •  Overall Approx. Size: 45L x 45W x 75H cm
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