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  1. Enhanced Monitoring:

    • Graphic LCD Display for high-quality waveform visualization, building on the robust features.
  2. Specialized for Cardiac & Neuro Surgeries:

    • Tailored design and functionality highly suited for the intricacies of Cardiac and Neuro procedures.
  3. Comprehensive Gas Options:

    • Three Gas Dual Option – Central and Cylinder inputs for Air, Oxygen, and Nitrous Oxide, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.
  4. Hypoxic Control:

    • Complete control over oxygen levels, ensuring patient safety through advanced hypoxic control features.
  5. Dual Flow Meters:

    • Precision in gas delivery with dual flow meters, optimizing gas administration for diverse surgical requirements.
  6. Versatile Absorber:

    • Circle absorber designed for both Open and Closed systems, providing adaptability to various surgical setups.
  7. Effortless Changeover:

    • Seamless transition to Manual mode for enhanced control during critical phases of anesthesia administration.
  8. Adaptable Bellows:

    • Adult and Child bellows for versatile patient support, catering to a broad range of anesthesia scenarios.
  9. Dual Cascade Datex Vaporizers:

    • Incorporates the efficiency of dual cascade Datex vaporizers, ensuring precise and reliable delivery of anesthetic agents.

Anesthesia Workstation

  • Anesthesia Workstations redefine surgical precision, combining advanced monitoring capabilities with versatile gas control features, making it an ideal choice for specialized procedures such as Cardiac and Neuro surgeries.

    • Display: Graphic LCD, High-quality Waveforms.

    • Specialization: Cardiac & Neuro Surgeries.

    • Gas Options: Three Dual Input - Air, Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide.

    • Hypoxic Control: Ensures Patient Safety.

    • Flow Meters: Dual for Precision.

    • Absorber: Circle for Open/Closed Systems.

    • Changeover: Easy Manual Transition.

    • Bellows: Adult & Child Options.

    • Vaporizers: Dual Cascade Datex for Precision.

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