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1. Lightweight yet Durable:

  • Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy tubes, this stretcher offers exceptional strength and durability while maintaining a lightweight design. 


2. Advanced Mechanical Transmission:

  • Utilizing high precision mechanical transmission technology, this stretcher ensures smooth and efficient operation in various medical scenarios. 


3. Automatic Folding Mechanism:

  • Equipped with left and right-hand control handles, the stretcher can be automatically folded for convenient storage and transportation. This feature enhances efficiency and reduces the time required for deployment.


4. High Load Capacity:

  • With a load weight capacity of at least 120 kg, this stretcher provides robust support for patients of varying sizes and weights.


5. Enhanced Mobility:

  • Featuring castors with a diameter of 125 mm, this stretcher offers smooth and stable mobility, enabling swift movement within hospitals and medical emergency care centers. 

Ambulance Stretcher

  • Ambulance Stretcher, designed to meet the rigorous demands of emergency medical care. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, this stretcher combines lightweight construction with a robust structure to ensure reliable performance in critical situations.

    • Material: High-Quality Aluminum Alloy Tubes
    • Load Weight Capacity: ≥ 120 kg
    • Product Weight: 40 kg
    • Castor Diameter: 125 mm
    • Utilization: Widely used in various hospitals and medical emergency care centers
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